Stainless Steel Upper Mechanical Stirring Bioreactors

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Stainless Steel Upper Mechanical Stirring Bioreactors Stainless Steel Upper Mechanical Stirring Bioreactors Stainless Steel Upper Mechanical Stirring Bioreactors Stainless Steel Upper Mechanical Stirring Bioreactors
Stainless steel upper mechanical stirring fermenters use for test project of yeast, enzymes, microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria culture test. With simple structure, convenient operation and low fault rate, it is a classical product of laboratory bioreactors.
  • ModelLBR-XSIJ Series
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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Stainless steel shaft coupling drive bioreactors fermenters Main body is made of all stainless steel 316L tank with no dead corners in the tank. It adopts the direct coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the upper/bottom part, which has a simple structure and stable operation. it is with special sampling and discharge valves for fermentation tanks, and seed transfer pipelines. Adopt a large-view tank liquid level observation mirror, 12V safety light, with temperature, PH, DO, defoaming, liquid level interface, inoculation port, refilling port, and multiple spare ports, all welds are firm, neat and beautiful.


1. It can control the stirring speed, the temperature of the medium in the tank, the Ph value, and the DO value;

2. The upper and lower limits of temperature, rotation speed, Ph value, DO value can be set, and the alarm function of exceeding limit can be set;

3. With over-liquid level alarm and automatic refill function, with over-bubble level alarm and automatic addition of defoamer functions;

4. All alarm accidents can be recorded and consulted;

5. Speed, temperature, Ph value, DO value, etc. can be set to automatic and closed state;

6. The temperature of the medium in the tank, stirring speed, Ph, DO and other parameters can be controlled by setting the curve in sections according to the process requirements;

7. Each parameter has PID adjustment process display, such as setting value, real-time value, PID setting value, upper and lower limit value, curve display, manual/automatic switching, online setting, etc.;

8. The historical data and curves of various parameters can be stored for many years, and the real-time curve can be restored as it is when the power is turned on again;

9. Possess the function of replenishment measurement; regular and quantitative replenishment;

10. The system has a variety of related controls: the related control of speed and dissolved oxygen, the related control of feeding and dissolved oxygen, the related control of feeding and ph, etc.;

11. The system has real-time display, data recording and data analysis of the running process;

12. The parameters of each detection and control loop can be manually set and corrected online on the screen, temperature, DO, PH sensors can be adjusted and adjusted, and the flow rate of each peristaltic pump can be calibrated; the operation has a password protection function, and the password is divided into operations Passwords of the administrator and administrator;

13. Automatically record the start-up time of the fermentation tank, the shutdown time, the number of power outages during automatic operation, the time of power outage, the time of incoming calls, etc.;

14. The software system has adaptive and self-diagnostic capabilities;





5L/10L/20L/30L/50L/100L/200L/300L/500L/1000L   optional

Diameter to height ratio


Feeding volume



Stainless steel 304/316


PH/DO/Foam/Temp control



Sterilization method

Automatic or manual sterilization

Stirring system

Mechanical sealing system at the   top/bottom of the fermenter

Stirring Speed

in the fermenter: 70~1000rpm±1%

Temperature detection

Auto control (cooling water+5)~65℃±0.1

pH detection


DO detection


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