Precautions For Using Centrifuge

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A centrifuge is a common piece of laboratory equipment used to separate components in a mixture. It breaks the mixture into different levels or phases by taking advantage of differences in density of matter. However, although centrifuges play an important role in scientific research and laboratory work, they still need to be operated with caution. This article will explore the key things to pay attention to when using a centrifuge to ensure the safety and accuracy of your experiments.

1. What should you do when the centrifuge rotor cannot be removed?

Some customers found that it was difficult to remove the rotor when replacing the rotor. They consulted our company for corresponding solutions. Laboao centrifuge engineers sorted out the causes of the failure through the system and came up with corresponding solutions. This situation usually occurs because customers use the same centrifuge rotor for a long time. The center sleeve of the rotor shaft is physically adhered to the center hole of the rotor due to the reverse rotation force for a long time, and cannot be easily removed. After this situation occurs, the solution given by Laboao centrifuge engineers is:


01. First unscrew the fixed screw. If it cannot be easily unscrewed, add some lubricant and wait for 10 minutes before unscrewing until it is unscrewed. If it still cannot be unscrewed, please contact after-sales service.

02. After the fixed screw is screwed out, the rotor cannot be taken out. This situation requires two people to cooperate. One person takes a T-shaped tool (the lower end of the T-shaped tool is basically consistent with the vertical direction of the rotating shaft), aligns it with the rotating shaft, and uses Knock the small hammer gently from top to bottom. (Be careful not to use excessive force or deviate from the axis to prevent the axis from deflecting)

03. While beating, an outsider should hold both sides of the rotor with both hands and lift it up gently until the rotor is taken out.

04. After taking it out, use a clean rag to clean the dirt on the rotating shaft, and use the removed rotor to load and disassemble repeatedly three times to ensure that there is no adhesion between the rotor center hole and the rotating shaft.


2. Centrifuge maintenance and safety precautions

Most medical centrifuges are simple to operate, easy to use, safe and reliable. Today I will introduce to you the maintenance and safety precautions of medical centrifuges. I hope it will be helpful to your use.

01. The main power plug should be removed when the instrument is not used for a long time or is being repaired. If the power plug is not removed and the switch button is pressed, although the machine stops, the instrument is still charged, which may easily cause safety accidents (especially during maintenance).


02. The installation and removal of the rotor should be done gently to avoid bending the shaft. To remove the rotor from the rotating shaft, first remove the locking bolt, and then the rotor can be separated from the rotating shaft.

03. When the rotor is not in use, it should be taken out of the centrifuge chamber, cleaned and dried with neutral detergent in time to prevent chemical corrosion, and stored in a dry and ventilated place. It is not allowed to use non-neutral cleaning to scrub the rotor, and it is not allowed to use electric hot air to blow (dry) the rotor. The cone surface in the center hole of the rotor should be protected with a little grease.

04. When using the medical centrifuge rotor, be sure to confirm that the set rotor number is correct. If the rotor number is set incorrectly, it may cause the rotor to overspeed or fail to reach the required centrifugal speed. Especially when used at excessive speed, a serious accident may result in the rotor exploding. Do not be careless.

05. When using stainless steel centrifuge tubes, the set speed should be reduced by less than 80% to ensure safe use. If the specific gravity of the test solution is greater than 1.2, the allowed high speed should be recalculated according to the following formula. N=n√1.2/S In the formula: N--the newly determined allowable high speed n--the original high speed specified, S--the specific gravity of the test liquid to be separated.

06. Centrifuge tubes should be updated regularly, and it is strictly forbidden to use centrifuge tubes that are on the verge of rupture.


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